Biometric Solutions

Seamless working security, is most secure


Identification speed is less than 1 second by fingerprint, ID number, code. Suitable for multiple application.

Fingerprint & Vein

Identification speed similar with palm . But for small application. Duo authentication work with different set security.

Eye/Iris Recognition

Very intuitive and high scalability. Worry less about aging. The recognition is outstanding for iris enroll the identifications

Face Recognition

Another level to represents a new class of iris recognition systems. Working at a standoff distance. Welcoming user experience while delivering  quality biometric images for iris and face enrollment and identification.

Our proven biometric technology adds a new level of security and convenience to your credit and debit cards. With this way,  paying can feel more convenient without entering the pin number.

Totally worry-less complaint.

  • Power is Harvested from standard infrastructure
  • Biometric Authentication on Card
  • I am The User


Get secure to the next levels!