Innovation Enabler with Internet of Everything

Tangible innovation that fit every creation and environment. Our job is to improve your quality of life. Either you are in the city or work or at home.

security in grasp with biometric Solutions

A seamless working security is what most people looking for. Ours are fast, and responsive for verification, and identifications. Secure compliant.

Get Connected to limitless with RFID Solutions

Get Connected to 100% manageable and track-able RFID. It is hassle free, flexible and manageable. Our solutions are outstanding for transaction, inventory and many more.

Personalize with Identity Management Systems

A theft free for your personalize data application. The governance is strong and secured. Suitable for
application that need cover from the bad guys.

Our work

This is the collection of our previous work

Robe Academic Tracking with RFID for USIM
A Tag RFID with washable function. Each user/person can integrate with USIM Inventory System.
MCCF Card V2 for Malaysian Community Care Foundation (MCCF)
Smart Card with personalize information system. Come with anti-cloning, security enhancement, and mobile enforcement.
Royal Police Malaysia – Arm Card for Arm Holder
A smart card with personalize information with data matrix and anti cloning.
Centralize Foreign Worker System for Foreign Worker Residential Center
A centralized access control card reader with iKad, mobile , & supported smart card.
Corrosion Software and Cimage Integration for Talisman Energy
Software Integration with Credo software, Cimage EDMS, Informatica and Maximo Software
EDMS System using Cimage for Murphy Oil Corporation
Developing and integrate for EDMS to use CImage with Oracle.

Who we are

A dedicated tech company that has solely focus in Internet of Everything. Incorporated in Nov 2017, and our specialty is in smart card, RFID, Biometric and Internet of thing applications.

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